Who am I?

I'm DCBuilder, a blockchain researcher at Moralis, where I write about DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, L2s, MEV and other various topics pertaining to web3/crypto. I have been a front-end developer with an AI/ML background and have recently started the transition to full-stack blockchain development through an EthernautDAO mentorship with Austin Griffith. I'm a fellow member of Waifus Anonymous being an anime/manga enjoyoor and have a Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul) pfp on Twitter.


In this article, I’ll talk about L2s on Ethereum, the state of the current scaling ecosystem, and why I believe running L2s on top of Ethereum is the most economically and technically sustainable scaling solution long term.

Disclaimer: This article aggregates my thoughts, other people's resources, and miscellaneous technical information. It is not meant to be a concise summary of the ecosystem, but rather a more detailed and verbose overview of the current state and future feasibility of Ethereum L2 scalability.

To dive deeper, we need to get a few definitions and concepts out of the way.


To summarize this massive guide I will keep a running list of important points about the technology and its future outlooks:

What is an L2?